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Keegan by KJ Ward

Table of Contents


untitled by Lisa Shea
White by Sharon Lasitter
Winter Dusk by Sharon Lasitter
Deep Winter Melancholia by Sharon Lasitter
The Orchid by Rachel Brower
untitled by Lisa Shea
untitled by Lisa Shea
Shifting Sands by Gregory A. Kompes
Before you learn symbols by Carly Swanberg
Autumn Term Haiku by Gillian Buchanan
Pacific Ponderings by Barbara J. Williams
Forgotten by Lisa Shea
Sea Rhythms Call by Jody Zolli
The Visit by Jody Zolli
Do Unto Others by Lee Evans
Inside Out by Lee Evans
Too Late by Lee Evans
Intricate Fire by Ilya Shambat
Solace by K Thomas
Rainwater by Connie Werner Reichert
Cool Water Spring by Ilya Shambat


An Unnoticed Death by Deb Bonam
Still Life with Books: A Memoir
by Kathye Fetsko Petrie
Moms Do the Strangest Things
by Connie Werner Reichert
Gramp and the Grasshoppers by Ora Belle Smith
Pol Shane and Joe by Jane Waller
Neither Good nor Bad by Dan Florio
Beneath the Wind by Danielle R. Morrow
A Poet First by A. D. Barncord Doerr
My Sweet Hero by Marilyn Crain
This one´s for you, my pet by Mary-Anne Durkee


Chartreuse by Lisa Shea
BAAC by Lisa Shea
The Mirror by Crystal Kaba
Dos Tostadas: Two Toasted by Luis Alcaide
Pleasure by Monique Hayes
Deceptus Veritas by Alpana Patel Camilli
Five Days To Eternity by Ruthe McDonald
Red by Tessa Smith McGovern
Saving Aunt Millie by Janie Emaus

A Wacky Look at the History of Law
by Lili Pintea-Reed

Art and Photography

Keegan by KJ Ward
Cross Country at Buffalo Park by Jill Florio
Mount Elden Light by Jill Florio
Nantucket Jail Window by Lisa Shea
Canyon Rain by Dan Florio
Natural Beauty by Bob See
Irish Stallion by Bob See
Red Panda by Bob See
Weathered by Dan Florio
Waiting for Santa by Diane Cipollo
Junco in Winter by Lisa Shea
Red Canyon Thistle by Donna Sciandra
King of the Hill by Donna Sciandra
The Colors of Winter by Erika Lyn Smith
Beauty by Jeanette Stingley
Nature Proclaims by Bettyann Schmidt
Rings of History by Marilyn Crain
Colors Of Earth by Eby Viswanath
Canyon and Clouds by Dan Florio
Glacial Door by Melissa Knoblett-Aman
Atlantic Puffin by Bob See
Glacial Waterfall by Melissa Knoblett-Aman
Canadian Liquid Gold by Lisa Shea
Rhode Island Vineyard by Lisa Shea


What You Are Saying
Letter From the Editor

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