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Here are the top ten articles for the Digital Art and Design Site! These rankings are live and get reset at the beginning of each month, so check back often to see what your fellow visitors are most interested in!

1. How to Draw Xmas Stocking in Illustrator
In this Adobe Illustrator tutorial, we will create a Xmas stocking design for the holidays. This tutorial will give you practice with the Pen tool, Smooth tool, Direct Selection tool and the Pathfinder panel in Illustrator.

2. How to Draw Gingerbread Cookies in Designer
In this Affinity Designer tutorial, we will create a gingerbread man cookie graphic for your Xmas elements collection. We will start by tracing the gingerbread man cookie from a reference photo. Once we have the basic shape, we will clean up the line art, add color and details.

3. How to Draw Holiday Stars Affinity Designer
In this Affinity Designer tutorial, we will create one of the basic holiday icons, which is the star. We will use the Star tool in Affinity Designer to draw the basic five pointed star shape. Using a Boolean operation, we will cut away part of the star, creating a 3D effect.

4. How To Draw Poinsettias Affinity Designer
In this Affinity Designer tutorial, we will draw one of the most popular plants for the holidays, the poinsettia. We will start with a reference photo and use the Pen tool to trace a poinsettia petal from the photo. Using this petal shape, we will create a full poinsettia flower.

5. How to Draw Holiday Evergreens
In this Affinity Designer tutorial, we will draw evergreens for the holidays. Of course, there are so many types of evergreen trees. In this lesson, we will draw the long needled evergreen, such as the Ponderosa or Scotch pine.

6. How to Draw a Holiday Theme Collection of Elements
In the next few tutorials, we will create a collection of Christmas elements for your holiday designs. There is no limit to the holiday fun that you can have by combining these individual elements in to various designs.

7. How to Draw Holiday Lights Affinity Designer
In this Affinity Designer tutorial, we will learn how to draw Xmas lights. These lights will be great for a simple Xmas layout for a card or used in an animated gif for the holidays.

8. Halloween Skull Coloring Page in Affinity Designer
In this Affinity Designer tutorial, we will create a black and white Halloween image. This image would be great for a coloring page or accent on a planner page. We will use the Threshold Adjustment control to enhance the intricate lines and crevices of the skull.

9. Halloween Pumpkin Sticker in Affinity Designer 2
In this Affinity Designer 2 tutorial, we will create a Halloween digital sticker for GoodNotes. Using a royalty free image of a pumpkin from Pixabay, we will draw our pumpkin sticker with the drawing tools and add texture with brushes.

10. Designing a Digital Planner - First Steps
So you want to make your own digital planner for GoodNotes. But, where do you start? I've done a lot of research and I've found that, so far, there aren't any set rules. Each digital artist has their own preferences. However, there are a few common factors.

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